flaws.cloud Walkthrough | AWS Penetration Testing- Level 1

Level 1:

Let’s See what’s there on the bucket.

Just append s3.amazonaws.com after the domain

i.e., flaws.cloud.s3.amazonaws.com

Now, we can see some files on that s3 bucket, like robots.txt etc, but most importantly we can see some secret html file.

Let’s see what’s there on that html file.

For accessing that html file, we just need to append that file name after the s3 bucket link followed by a forward slash “/”.

i.e., http://flaws.cloud.s3.amazonaws.com/secret-dd02c7c.html

Bingo, Now let’s move to Level 2.




Security researcher, Blogger, Bug Bounty hunter

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Kapil Verma

Kapil Verma

Security researcher, Blogger, Bug Bounty hunter

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