1. Java Latest version

Step 1: Decompile:

apktool d facebook_lite_v118.

Disclaimer: The below post is only for educational purpose and not for performing actual hacking.

Because of the security reasons I am not explaining how to do this over external network.

Hacking an android mobile devices is a very easy task.

I will today explain a very easy way which…

Disclaimer: This blog is just for educational purpose so that our security researcher and developer can secure our online community by understanding the vulnerabilities and implementing proper mitigation.

In today’s world everything we do on the internet requires Authentication.

And in ancient days, It was “username:password” way of doing it…

Hello Reader,

If you’re here, It means it’s your start of the journey in Infosec Or May be into CTFs.

So, Our Very famous HackTheBox for CTF Challenge, Itself has a challenge for creating an account.

Well, Spoiler Alert. Don’t blinding copy the steps on this blog but read and…

By Far the easiest way to flash ROM that I have come across is using SP Flash tool.

Prerequisite for Flashing ROM are as follows:

  1. PC.
  2. SP Flash tool.

Step 1: Download and Install SP Flash tool.

SmartPhone FlashTool is working with MediaTek Android…

Rooting Android device latest method using Magisk Manager:


  1. Magisk Manager installed on your mobile device.
  2. Firmware of the Device.

Disclaimer: Your device might get bricked in the process and the author doesn’t take any responsibility for any losses to the reader.

Step 1: Download…

Hello Guys, This is the walkthrough of the recently retired HackTheBox Machine.

It’s an easy linux Box. So, Without wasting anymore time let’s start with the Writeup.

Starting with the nmap scan:

Lame is another easy Box from HackTheBox, based on Linux OS.

This is my third writeup in the series OSCP like Boxes.

This is the manual exploit of a retired box from “HackTheBox”.

Let’s start with our very first step to enumerate open ports using nmap scan.

Let’s start with our first step:

Open Ports enumerations using basic nmap scan.

IP of the Machine:

Let’s do a Nmap scan to enumerate the ports open and services running:

Command: nmap -A

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